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Thursday, 5 August 2010

2011 sector 9 longboards and 2010 sector 9 long boards

well we are lucky enough to have the new range of Sector 9 longboards in stock from the 5th August, we are really looking forward to there arrival as they are amazing, and they have been one of our top selling skate longboards, give us a shout on 01202 708264 or go to the website


  1. Sector 9 is the king of all Longboard brands. The attractive design and technical support of this brand has received a maximum score from the customer. It has unbeaten quality, size, riding style, overall performance, safety, and other important requirements. If you have the budget, you can rely on these Longboards.
    Hugh Stockton

  2. Sector 9 longboards better than other.We have so awesome longboards Longboard reviews2016